Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Work of Art

In the last year Angela has started doing flowers for weddings and such and I have beheld arrangements that stop my breath, or stop my steps as I study each bud and petal and marvel at her genius in flower design. This year I've luxuriated in blooms.

Angela is on vacation now and the house is bereft of flowers. I took to my yard in need of a flower fix. I picked a few "Double Delight" roses and placed them in the glass bottles I've saved for fifteen years, as their shape and hue delighted me. These glasses are a permanent fixture in my kitchen window, mostly empty, but often filled with a few flowers or leaves of the seasons.

So, today I placed the roses in their places above my sink, looking out through my window. Joy crept through my veins as a truth rang out. These humble arrangements throughout the years have given me greater joy than even the most marvelous of compositions. They have brightened my spirit, enlivened my senses, and soothed my sometimes heavy soul. Countless times I have come to my window, either purposely or by chore, and I am caught by a joy though simple, is pure and lasting.

Angela is the "Monet" of flower art, and I am a child with her tempura paint, and though I delight in the artist, I am content with my painting.


nicole said...

Beautiful flowers!! How I love hearing others get such joy in simple things & I'm not the only one.

Sarah Jean said...

You are a beautiful flower to me. Thank you so much for letting your husband be with us this last week. He is such a strength to me. I hope and pray that you are feeling better. Love you, miss you

Abigail said...

Goodness I love it when you write! I love to hear your musings because the world through your eyes seems to be so much more poignant than others. Love you lots

Josh said...

We love your posts and your joys influence my joys!

Hubby said...

I love that you take time to adore nature and I love that you are so talented and passionate about life. I love you too.