Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do You Have It In You?

We recently watched "The Wizard of Oz" with the grandboys, and Chase has really taken a fascination to the whole thing. Last night he went into my room put on some red sandals, Roy's cowboy hat and came out with,"I'm the Wicked Witch, now I need a broom." But when Angela found a facsimile of a broom, Chase looked resigned and shook his head, "No, mom...I can't be the Wicked Witch, I just don't have that laugh in my body."
Perhaps it says something freudian about my character, but I DO have a wicked witch laugh in my body. It has been coming out since I was a little girl, scaring my animals and friends, then later when I had children....some were mesmerized but shaken and would ask for it again and again; and some flat out, would shut any book with a witch in it, afraid I might let loose. Angie told Chase to ask Grammy if she had a wicked witch laugh...the result...his eyes widened as he shrunk in size and has not asked me again.


Abbie said...

That laugh is rather frightening but at least it is memorable! I love you and hope that you will feel better soon:)

angie said...

i have a metaphor for this story...i'll have to do a write up as well!