Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Paradise with Pat and Jess

It's been too long since I've been back from the Big Island, but it is and will always remain for me a runner-up to what Heaven has to be.

Whether the lushness of the wet side or the ocean's colors, beauty and life of the dry side, I just can't get enough.

And here is Patrick's own "A Bay" (Anaehoomalu) I just wish my cheap camera could have caught the real colors.

And my own Pat and Jess - the greatest treasure I will ever see or experience in this paradise.


2-part said...

I finally get it -- the perfect place isn't in Hawaii, or even in Idaho. I know where it is -- and if you think about it, so do you.

angie said...

love these pictures - i want to be there right now!

Roy said...

Thank you thank you Catherine! Love your side panels (you and the Hawaiians both spell Akaka Falls the same way). You should point out that you took all those photos! Great eye!

Nice to hear from you 2-part!