Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Transformation can happen when a few key elements come into play at the right time and in the right setting. Walking on a windy day, the threat of rain ( even a few drops make it better), rays of sun pushing their way earthward between moving clouds, AND...just the right music. Before you know it I'm transformed into an ageless sprite freed from reality, restrictions and despair, where possibilities abound and my body beats with the rhythm of music and nature, where unadulterated joy rushes along my nerves and suddenly, in the middle of the street, I've been known to dance. I've been known to reach my arms skyward, palms up, back arched, and twiiiiiiirl. A slow, all encompassing twirl, drinking in the elements. I've also been known to strut with a cocky sort of attitude, if the music has a strong beat and attitude.
An ode could be dedicated to the wind, or the sun rays or the moving clouds, but it's the "right" music that I'm thinking of now. A swelling of violins, or a syncopated piano rising from bass to a sentimental treble cleft.
Example - swelling starts -If could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by...
cause I'd walk a million miles...violins crescendo - if I could just see you.....tonight. violins madly stringing... tada da da da duh.
Or something terribly drippy and sentimental -
Don't dream too far, Don't lose sight of who you are, Don't remember that rush of joy,
He could be that boy....I'm not that girl.
Or, something with drawn out vowels
Pretty lady on my mind got me gone (gauhn) again
Or, an unusual male voice
John Mayer, Ben Harper....
Or, a strong beat with personality
(STRONG DOWN BEAT/ REST) Come on over, Come on over baby
The next thing you know - I start strutting and life is goooood.


pat said...

Nothing makes me more happy than a blog that brings you to mind. Not just in that oh I remember way, but the I can see you perfectly, as if you were here kind of way.

angie said...

my favorite part of this blog is the phrase "ageless sprite" - i wish i'd thought of it, because its perfectly you, you, you!

Roy said...

Katie! A big salute from me to you and a hip hurrah for great music!! I will read and re-read this one.

Abbie said...

I am my mothers daughter for sure

hannah m said...

Catherine, I'm reading your blog through Angie's, and I love this post. Just this morning I've been taking a trip down memory lane with dusty CDs I haven't listened to for ages. Music truly is transformational. Your words are beautiful.

Emily said...

love your side pictures!