Sunday, April 8, 2007


At Easter dinner Chase was accidentally whammed in the head by the Brita water pitcher, and I really mean whammed. After a few shocked moments, the tears started flowing and then broken hearted sobs. (He was adorably happy and babbling moments before, so it was a real shock) Angela kissed and cajoled but he wouldn't be eased. But as soon as "blankie blue" was laid on his cheek, he melted into the blankie and Angie's shoulder. His entire body softened and curved to his moms. The crying abruptly stopped. He laid on her shoulder a few minutes and then he was ready to continue with Easter celebrations.

Oh how, at times, I long for comfort that complete. There are times sorrow and anxiety are so actute I feel my body screaming inside for aide. Yet often I will turn down other's requests to assist, even at times turning from a similarly loving shoulder and hug as Chase had. Are my sorrows really that greater? Have I learned that a hug and shoulder aren't enough? Or, do I for some reason turn from the very comfort I may know deep inside could help?

Sadly the answers are not easy, or have not been found, yet I watch Chase melt into "blankie blue" and I long with every part of my soul for my own blankie.


angie said...

i just love that kid!

Ann said...

I also wish that I could find that kind of comfort that easily. Poor, Chase-hope he's not too bruised today.

Roy said...

To hug and to hold,
to hide from the cold.
A blanky and grammie
and time on the should


Wonderful writing..glad you have the talent and passed it on to your kids.

Emily said...

Mabey that blankie has magic powers- or perhaps its his mom. Moms do that for their babies:)

Abbie said...

MOm lets be honest we all know your "blankey" is holding babies. YOu go into a different world. Thats all you really need for peace