Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Are Not Birds Of Prey!

It happened! The best parental lecture I've ever heard or witnessed, happened in my home Sunday morning. I hear all you nay sayers out there thinking, "couldn't match the lecture of '04.......ya da ya da.....," whatever, I know what I heard and I can't deny it.

I'll lay out the setting for you:

James and Chase bored
James and Chase invent new game - "Battlefield"
James winning battle every time, duh, he's 3 years older
Chase no longer happy and attacks with full strength, (note: although he uses teeth, kicking, slugging, etc., for some reason doesn't pull out the scratching this time.)
James unfortunately doesn't use any of the above, but scratching - hence - he's the one that is in trouble. (note: burdens of a first child, to be addressed in different blog.)

Now to THE moment - Angela sees scratches and calls the boys in for the umpteenth lecture on how fighting isn't okay! But this time she pulls a real zinger out of her repertoire,


Unfortunately I can not give you the rest of the story. My twisted mind immediately took off for the computer, although I haven't written a blog in over a year, I knew in that moment inspiration had come at last.