Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Paralyzed With Awesomeness"

A favorite saying at our house, originated by James, of course, but usually used by Chase, goes something like this..."Hey, Grammy come'ere quick, you GOT to see this, you'll be "Paralyzed With Awesomeness." So I started thinking shouldn't everyone in their life have many many moments when they are totally "Paralyzed With Awesomeness?"
Sadly at that particular moment I couldn't think of anything. Pretty ungrateful for a 50ish woman. But then....Haloween happened and Weston came down from Utah with his parents, and the three kids got ready for tricks or treats, and I saw them there sitting on the couch. Ninja Warrior, Cuddly Bear, and (my favorite costume ever) Pollen Jock. And indeed, I was Paralyzed With Awesomeness.