Friday, August 1, 2008

An Elated Grammy Kate!

Weston Joshua Earl is here on earth. He came two weeks early, weighing 6lbs. 4oz., and he looks just like his proud papa. He has a strong spirit of peace and something else I can't put my mind around, but when you hold him in the night when everythings quiet, the strength of feeling is almost palpable in the room. Getting to know this little lad will be a joy!

Emily and Josh are thrilled and Emily has a hard time unwrapping her arms around her treasure, although she is generous in sharing, I can tell she feels empty when he's not tucked up against her - probably cause for 9 months he's been tucked and smushed and it's natural for both of them.

I'll e-mail a site where everyone can look at more photos - cause of course, he's gorgeous.

Thank you for everyone who has been so kind and sweet to my Emily, I feel so blessed to know others care and look after her.
Love All of You!