Monday, May 28, 2007

Yes, This Stud Is Mine!!!!!

Yes!!! He's Mine!!!! This is my Roy, who at the age of 54 1/2, and hasn't water skied in years, is positive that he can get up on one ski - and - HE DID! He also climbed to the top of Half Dome with Emily and Snap last year and survived his fear of heights.

He is up for any adventure. He talks to complete strangers and actually gets them talking (something he learned from his dad)- he still flirts with sales ladies - and he still doesn't know he's flirting - and he still gets his problem resolved to his best interests everytime - even on the phone. He absolutely adores me and will do ANYTHING I ask of him, and I'm ashamed to admit that I've taken advantage of that trait - (never knowingly though). He thinks he can fix ANYTHING - and most of the time he does!!! (another trait from Gramps) He let me have dogs, when he doesn't even really like them. He even washes off Tanyon's (our dog) tummy when he pees, when I don't feel like it - which isn't very fun cause Tanyon has a crooked Ying Yang and can't hit the bush, but dribbles all over himself. Everyone in our church says he's the best at the pulpit, cause they love his smile and his voice. He loves to run whenever there's an errand to do or a project - he just starts running like he's a kid. He loves dumb jokes and loves to retell them to everyone, although Emily is usually the only one to laugh. He has beautiful blue eyes surrounded by oodles of laugh lines. He loves stupid - but really funny movies - you know the ones where the pre-teens are busting their guts - and he beats all of them for the most open, full, gut laugh. He likes to practice funny faces in the mirror, so he can use the best one at an appropriate time. He puts towels in the dryer and brings them to me, without me asking, if I'm cold and can't get warm. He gardens with me and pretends to love it, cause I love it. He loves to build sand castles with moats ( the moats are his passion) with anyone on the beach, but his favorites are his two grandsons. He loves to play football, basketball, or any sport, although he isn't particularly athletically gifted - but it has never stopped his enjoyment. He gets excited about something new, just like a little kid and his excitement is contagious. He......., oh this is just a start....but mostly...he loves me, and...HE'S MINE!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The "Time of Your Dreams"

Emily called briefly from her honeymoon to ask us to look up on her e-mail the next bed and breadfast along their trip up the Mendocino Coastline. When James overheard that the newlyweds had called he made this pronouncement...."I bet they were having the time of their dreams!" That phrase has been sounding in the back of my mind for a few days with a haunting type of truth. Why not? If you had to choose between --"The time of Your Life" -- or --"The time of Your Dreams" --which would you choose? Well, I don't think I could have dreamt anything better than Saturday, May 12th around 11:30ish. Emily at total peace and happiness. I don't know anyone I think deserves to have a happy ending more than Emily. She was absolutely radiant - but more importantly, with all the pre-wedding stresses and jitters, to see her sealed to her loved one, Josh, and then see the complete peace wash over her as she held on to him, just filled me with the joy of all my dreams.
Another of a moms dreams - in middle age-dom - is getting all the children together, and that also happened to me for a little more than a week. It is SOOO rare now when all these adult children, living all around the country, and with all their different lives and schedules, can actually get together and play. Seeing my children playing is a wonderful dream, as they all laugh and tease and reminisce together. Wack - a - Mole was the game of choice this time, and although I participated one night and it left me aching for several nights, it was hilarious. Ridi would wind up the wacker with a huge grin on her face, and then deliver the blow to the booty of the poor "mole" (usually Emily). The triumphant golfers returning as if, men of ancient times returning after a rousing hunt. Everyone folding napkins, tying ribbons, and working like demons to make Emily's wedding a wonderful "Time of Her Dreams". And, it happened!!! For there are times, although maybe fewer and shorter than we'd like that we have for a moment - THE TIME OF OUR DREAMS!!!! That is my wish for all of my friends and family, as I think of you this moment, each of you, with your struggles and challenges, that you may also have--sooner than you'd even hope for - THE TIME OF YOUR DREAMS! I love you all, Catherine.